Hello from I Know A Guy

I've been 3D resin printing for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, the things I wanted to print were not
modeled in 3D. As a collector and dealer in 1:6 Action Figures, I wanted to print items related to them.

Although pretty good in Photoshop, I found learning 3D modeling software very difficult. So I couldn't design
my own creations for 3D printing.

The only option I saw was to invest in my own 3D Scanner. Off to the internet for research! There is a ton of
information about 3D scanning on the 'net. After a few months of reading and trying 'home solutions' I decided it
was time to invest in a professional 3D Scanner. I choose the EinScan SE scanner and am very happy with the choice.
The resolution is fantastic, and the setup and operation is very straight forward. I wish it scanned objects a little
larger than it is rated for but with help from the manufacturer, I'm able to scan larger items now.

So, if you need 3D scans of non-copyrighted items... I know a Guy!

Please contact me here:

Scott Stewart
Jacksonville, Florida
Email: scott@stewartsattic.com

Coming soon: A gallery of some of the items I've scanned.